2019 Middle School finalists

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animation finalists:

Cooper’s Story - Stoller

Fishing - Cedar Park

The Clouds - Cedar Park

The Impact of Humanity - Highland Park

The Unofficial Guide to Being Santa - Stoller

Why You Shouldn’t Procrastinate - Whitford

comedy finalists:

Chop Chop - Stoller

Horror Movies: Movie vs. Reality - Stoller

How Not to Die in a Movie - Stoller

Missing Snacks - ACMA

Montana Brown and the Lost Treasure - Health and Science School

documentary finalists:

Animals Going Extinct - Whitford

Diversity at Conestoga Middle School - Conestoga

Earthquake! - Whitford

UGLY - Whitford

We Can Change the World - Whitford

What is dance to you? - ACMA

drama finalists:


Back in Time - Stoller

The Betrayal - Stoller

The Doll - Stoller

The Treasure of Kookaloo Forest - Stoller

music finalists:

The Pirate Song - Health and Science School

Work, Work, Work - Whitford