2019 High school finalists

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animation finalists:

Animation - Health and Sciences

Dominos - Westview High School

Dot - Westview High School

comedy finalists:

Damian Wade My Project - Aloha High School

Take My Heart, Not My Scalpel - Health and Sciences

The Dune -Mountainside High School

The Film Crew - Mountainside High School

documentary finalists:

Cigar Box Guitar Build - ACMA

From Children To Immigrant Parents - Westview High School

Hayden Johnson My Project - Aloha High School

Homelessness Awareness - Beaverton High School

My Transition -Southridge High School

drama finalists:

1:13 - Westview High School

Boxed In - ACMA

The Draft - Mountainside High School

The Monster In The Woods - Westview High School

experimental finalists:

Daniel's Baking Show - Aloha High School

Enjoy The Music - Southridge High School

Hope - Westview High School

music video finalists:

Mad World - Health and Sciences

The Score: Money Run Low (Kinetic Typography) - Westview High School

Where Did You Go - ACMA