2019 Elementary Finalists

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animation finalists:

Extraordinary - Vose

Hurricane Katrina Rescue - Oak Hills

Lego Camping - Scholls Heights

Portal - Findley

The Truth - Scholls Heights

comedy finalists:

Lucky Penny - William Walker

Minecraft in Real Life! - Oak Hills

Party Time! - Scholls Heights

Stay Connected - Fir Grove

The Test - William Walker

documentary finalists:

All Living Things Make, Use, and Transfer Energy - Raleigh Park

ASTRO: Cleaning Plastic out of the Citarum River - Springville

America is Great! - Scholls Heights

drama finalists:

Alone - Scholls Heights

Global Warning - Fir Grove

In Between the Opposite - Fir Grove

The Forthcoming Night - Fir Grove

music finalists:

Better than the Rest - Oak Hills

Let My People Go - Fir Grove

We're All a Family! - Scholls Heights