2018 elementary finalists & winners

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animation finalists:

Good World vs. Bad World - Springville

The Hard Flight - Oak Hills

WINNER - Salmon Life Cycle - Scholls Heights

Snow Music - William Walker

comedy finalists:

Betrayed Bananas - Fir Grove

WINNER - Fun Idioms - William Walker

Perseverance is Power - Terra Linda

Sphero - Oak Hills

Types of People on Instagram - Raleigh Hills

Un Caso Grave: Segunda Temporada - Vose

World War: Dogs vs. the Evil Cat - Chehalem

Documentary finalists:

Bags - Cooper Mountain

Bullying - William Walker

Cyberbullying - William Walker

WINNER - Faces of Fifth Grade - Scholls Heights

Our Foundation - Diversity and Justice - Springville

Racism - The Worst Verbal Bullying - Fir Grove

The Flu - William Walker

drama finalists:

Bullies and Cupcakes - Bethany

Classroom Drama - Springville

WINNER - Friendship Video - Fir Grove

The Day She Came - Scholls Heights

The Disaster - Oak Hills


music finalists:

Good Teacher - Findley

Let's  Climb - Findley

WINNER - We Love to Read - Scholls Heights